HelicoptersSPECTRUM manufactures Circuit Card Assemblies for the airframe to weapons systems on Navy Seahawk Helicopters.

The MH-60 is the most capable and mature multi-mission helicopter available in the world today.

This 5 board set includes a Rigid-Flex motherboard and 4 daughterboards.  Completed assemblies are staked and conformal coated.  A full turnkey solution is provided to our US Navy customer.


Helicopter MH-60R/S Seahawk     CH-53E Super Stallion 


SPECTRUM  manufactures Circuit Card Assemblies for the Raytheon AN/AAQ-29 FLIR used on USMC CH-53E Super Stallion, USAF HH-60G Pave Hawk, and USMC V-22 Osprey helicopters/tilt-rotor.

The Symbology PMC Module provides visual overlays for the analog and digital displays. 

The effort includes material procurement, assembly, functional test, staking, and conformal coating.

  V-22 Opsrey