SPECTRUM  has been manufacturing small footprint, high density Circuit Card Assemblies for the General Atomics MQ-1B Predator, MQ-9 Reaper, and Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton UAVs for 9+ years. 

These CCAs are used in the Raytheon AN/DAS-1 Multi-spectral Targeting System (MTS-B).  To date, more than 1100 CCAs have been delivered. 



The MTS-B EO/IR system provides long-range surveillance, high-altitude target acquisition, tracking, range-finding, and laser designation.

This system offers multiple wavelength sensors, near-infrared and color TV cameras, target illuminators, and image merging.





SPECTRUM procures material, assembles and inspects, loads firmware, functional tests, stakes components, and conformal coats to provide our customer with a hi-rel electronics, turnkey solution.


MQ-9 Reaper  

MQ-1B Predator

MQ-4C Triton