SPECTRUM is a Team Member on the following programs:

  • NAVY MH60-R/S Seahawk Helicopters
  • Guardian Anti-MANPADS System

SPECTRUM’s Pedigree over 21 years

Electronic Assemblies for

GOLD, TSIS, Juno, GMI, Kepler, Deep Impact, NPP, JPSS, Orbital Express, RADARSAT, OMPS, EOS, QuickBird, SIRTF, Mars Exploration Rovers and Reconnaissance Orbiter; Hubbell, Spitzer, and James Webb Space Telescopes

Cabling and Harnesses for

WORLDVIEW 1,2,3 and GEOEYE IMAGERs, SBSS, WORLDVIEW 1,2 – SATELLITE BUSS HARNESSING, Ground Support Equipment for many Programs

SPECTRUM is an approved vendor to the following Companies and Agencies

Ball Aerospace, Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed-Martin, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Raytheon, Harris, Southwest Research Institute, MIT-Lincoln Labs, Kaman Aerospace, FLIR, Cobham, Digital Globe, ATK, USAFA, AFRL, USAF Space Command, NAVY Crane/Newport, NSA, and NASA-JPL/GSFC/KSC