SPECTRUM is a Team Member on the following programs:

SPECTRUM’s Pedigree over 25 years

Electronic Assemblies for

GOLD, TSIS, Juno, GMI, Kepler, Deep Impact, NPP, JPSS, Orbital Express, RADARSAT, OMPS, EOS, QuickBird, SIRTF, Mars Exploration Rovers and Reconnaissance Orbiter; Hubbell, Spitzer, and James Webb Space Telescopes

Cabling and Harnesses for

WORLDVIEW 1,2,3 and GEOEYE IMAGERs, SBSS, WORLDVIEW 1,2 – SATELLITE BUSS HARNESSING, Ground Support Equipment for many Programs

SPECTRUM is an approved vendor to the following Companies and Agencies

Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed-Martin, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Raytheon, Harris, Southwest Research Institute, MIT-Lincoln Labs, Kaman Aerospace, FLIR, Cobham, Digital Globe, ATK, USAFA, AFRL, USAF Space Command, NAVY Crane/Newport, NSA, and NASA-JPL/GSFC/KSC